I have had the privilege of working with Betsy as her professional development coach. Betsy’s willingness to commit to the coaching process of personal and professional growth is a testament to how highly she regards this type of growth for herself and others. What she brings to early childhood is a deep commitment to the profession, and along with that, she is skillful, mindful, and on the leading edge with her thinking.

Betsy is a thought leader, a relationship builder, and is willing to call people forth for the sake of what she knows is possible.

Rebecca Johns CPC,CTPC

Owner, New Directions Professional Coaching

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Betsy, thanks for sharing the book “What If Everyone Understood Child Development”. This book resonates with me in so many ways. I am a Kindergarten teacher and I am very concerned about the national and local push to have Kindergartners reading at an “E” level before entering 1st grade. Many students can achieve this, however, there are quite a few that are not developmentally ready for this challenge. (There are other concerns in math, writing, etc as well). Previously to teaching Kindergarten I taught special education for 17 years mostly with high school students. They always hated school. Now I know why. I question my role in this push and I question my profession. When will we use research in conjunction with common sense and the love of learning to guide us?

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